For all you Conspiracy Nuts

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  1. Seriously though, I've recently been browsing through a book called Keys of Enoch JJ Hurtak 1977.

    And it become apparent that there is a much bigger picture to this than we are seeing.

    One example is this thing about the Eye of Horus that you see on the US dollar bill, alledgedly a symbol of the Illuminati. And it becomes apparent that whoever the Illuminati are, they are mirroring certain truths with thier own agenda.

    To understand the Illuminati, and the unseen powers behind them, I recommend the Keys of Enoch by JJ Hurtak as a place to start. Start here to understand what the Eye of Horus is really all about so that you can then see how this fits together.

    And it becomes apparent that this is an ancient drama with the Draconians on one side, and Orion on the other. And it goes deeper than that, right back to the birth of the human archetype and our local universe.

    It then becomes apparent how a conspiracy of such proportions could be held together by a few earthly puppets with draconian mindsets.

  2. Get ready to become their version of roast beef.

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  3. Wow is that the whole what the bleep do we know movie? I never saw the first one. Thanks~