For all you clowns that shorted GOOG on

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  1. Although I don't think that it's advisable to short GOOG now -too little distribution- I see strong indications that the top in GOOG is in.
    - 11/29/05: Powerbar down [see the volume!]
    - 12/14/05 & 12/15/05: No Demand!
    - 12/19/05: Key Reversal [Volume gives the signal!]

    As always: KISS!

    PS: Best book on volume studies: "The Undeclared Secrets that Drive the Stock Market" by Tom Williams. If you are interested please PM!
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  2. I see the natives are restless.

    The point is, not that someone can't make money shorting GOOG or any stock (Im sure someone made money shorting BRK in its run from 100 to 65,000.

    There were many posts here and elsewhere, early , and even later in the GOOG rampage, that claimed it was easy money to just short the thing.

    I doubt even one of those posters came back to say they got smoked.

    That's the point. The only folks that post are the ones that say they somehow timed a perfect GOOG short. I don't doubt that the trade was real, but for every one of those, there are 50 losers, that hide in the shadows.

    I'm sure someone shorted the blowoff today at 445 and covered at 425. A nice but unremarkable 5% gain, considering the risks.

    PS, As obnoxious as Cramer has become (almost unbearable) he (or is it his wife) is right in saying you should divide by 10 when thinking about the GOOG moves. Makes it a lot easier to fathom the price moves.
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  3. cramer is getting off the goog train.

    By James J. Cramer Columnist
    12/23/2005 4:24 PM EST
    Click here for more stories by James J. Cramer
    I'll declare victory on my $450 price target with Google's $446.
    Google can't advance without another quarter under its belt.
    I am not a bear on Google, but I believe Yahoo! will now catch up.
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  4. FYI, yesterday I heard someone say they are thinking about taking a loan to purchase GOOG...thought I would pass along this "news." :D:D

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  5. as soon as we enter a new year i will be hard pressed to see google be a high flyer .. there is no reason not to take profits... as soon as this year is over and we begin the next. you defer the TAXES another year selling come jan... come the new year.. TIMBERRRRRRRRRRRR

    (the above comment is made only by and observer.. i do not trade NASDAQ)
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  6. faure


    I don't think goog is done quite yet. Looks to me like there's more left.
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  7. vinceb


    is it going to 575?
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  8. it will see 350 before 575
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  9. Congrats to all the shorts!

    Only 300 points till break even.

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  10. lol
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