For all you clowns that shorted GOOG on

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  1. I live in Europe, may I ask if the mags were bearish or bullish?
    The "classic rules" would indicate a sell within 3-4 days on bullish magazine covers, especially if they argue on the stock split line.
    You would like to see that priced in before jumping on the train south.
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  2. Xtreme


    Can anyone email some data. I only have data that goes back a year and I want to put a call out on google.


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  3. Choad


    It's only been public a little over a year.

    Here is free data from Yahoo:
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  4. Xtreme



    I will have a play with it.


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  5. nassau


    you could also write out of the money calls and use the premium to buy your puts and calls, worse case you have a short at a near or all time high.

    Also works well on Rimm, lots of money within 10-20dollar range

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  6. You guys are too funny. I saw GOOG on a few magazine covers, lets short it!! I know I know, contrarian indicators.....but cmon, whatever happened to trading on technicals/ fundamentals. I am staying away from GOOG, easy money was on the way up, people who are shorting are gambling, squeezes have been violent.

    Confucious say, those who pick bottoms have smelly fingers, well same goes for trying to pick top
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  7. I saw this on a pack of smokes once:

    TRADER GENERAL'S WARNING: Calling tops and bottoms can be hazardous to your wealth.
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  8. cnms2


    Eventually somebody'll call this top. I like Google for what it brings to us as a service, but its stock performance is insane: it defies both technicals and fundamentals. For how long? Do you remember one analyst's QCOM $1,000 target a few years ago?
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  9. nassau


    absolutely agree,
    I am not trying to call a top or bottom just how to play the present position with less risk and still generate a bottom line.

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  10. ive been short google from 150 and averaging down its gotta come back sometime......
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