For all you clowns that shorted GOOG on

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stock777, Oct 31, 2005.

  1. You are a looser if you correct other peoples grammer.

    War GOOG!!!

    edit - post 333...that is half way to the sign of the devil. I should probably retire now.
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  2. Grammar.
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  3. Loosar
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  4. Choad


    Quote from EtfTraderLives:

    GOOG short mid $353 avg

    With this, and the QQQQ short, wonder if EtfTrader still lives...
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  5. Holy shit, I was laughing so hard I missed that! God, I'm stoopid [sic] too!
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  6. Go back and read some of the diatribes about GOOG its first 6 months.

    Then tell me if those folks are not deserving of ridicule.

    Spades a spade.
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  7. Xtreme


    Can someone email me Google historical data in a text format.


    Liam O'Brien
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  8. Pabst


    You're completely correct.

    What I love is the rational the whole way up, "GOOG is SO expensive." Certainly not on a forward P/E yardstick. GOOG was cheap to YHOO for most of the year. People fail to realize this wasn't analogous to those dot-com stocks of 2000 that were trading at stratospheric prices although they were posting losses. If GOOG had gone public with 10x more shares outstanding and a corresponding opening level in the teens, fewer people would have thought it was a sell. The misperception of price, LOL.

    Perhaps this thread will be the kiss of death though.:)
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  9. Just a thought but .. when I look at the current NEWSTAND (Mag rack) and I see GOOGLE on the cover of more then 3 mags. I think its time to consider a put. 400 maybe?
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  10. When's the split? Ma and pa retail can't affford 400/shr.

    I shorted SNDK near the highs today, holding overnight....
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