For all you clowns that shorted GOOG on

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stock777, Oct 31, 2005.

  1. the way up.

  2. Umm...Halloween.

  3. TGregg


    Holy cow, it hit 372.75 today. Guess there really isn't a limit to how high a bubble can go.
  4. Very weak today only up 16 points, price target needs to be raised again.
  5. lol. Better a bad speller than a GOOG shorter.
  6. all I know is

    90*5 = 450


    "my new price target $450... booooya!!"
  7. There were quite a few adamant GOOG bears starting at about 120 on this board.

    They are gone now.
  8. Probably true, financially. I usually don't correct the spelling/grammar of posters until I find one calling the others a loser or stupid or a jerk, etc.

    It's then I enjoy pointing it out!

  9. lol. u think people have been shorting it since the ipo? u are stupider than you think.
  10. 374 - it can't *possibly* go higher. Looks like a good short here :D
    #10     Oct 31, 2005