For all you Career Traders - why not use Collective2?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by pistolpt, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. Don't know if you guys have heard of Collective2.

    Online site where if your trading results are legit, you get subscribers and get paid monthly.

    I am currently using it. Hoping to get subscribers later this year if all goes well.

    I'd like to see some of the guys here with journals do it - we could all see it real time then.
  2. Why did you stop trading on there?

    Obviously you had something. Could have made some nice change on the side with a long track record like that.
  3. I've talked about it on here a few times. No combo orders and no treatment for spreads. It treated spreads as two distinct requirements. Option trading was incredibly onerous. Probably works just fine if you're limited to futures or shares.

    IIRC the system peaked at about 100 subs. Back then it was a per-month fee before I changed it to per-trade. Anyway, I closed it long ago due to the difficulty with option orders and margin treatment.

    I used mkt orders on all positions.
  4. C2 is a great platform and model.
  5. Here's why not:

    It is "purely" hypothetical.

    Other websites might not be as hypothetical if they actually require the trader to do the trades themselves. I recognize TOS is there, but it has been slow to adoption it seems.
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  7. Because if they did then they could not lie about how great of a trader they really are!

    The BS is very deep here (I use a snorkel to breath when I visit) and I just come here for a good laugh... I am going to start a C2 account but with my handle and behavior here I would not want anyone to know who I am......

    At least "atticus" is was willing to post a record.