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Would you like being an alpha?

  1. Yes. That way I get laid a lot and I don't mind the stress

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  2. No. I like stress free life and don't mind sneaking in seconds here and there.

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  3. I don't know.

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  4. I don't care.

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  1. nitro


  2. Hulu had a 13-episode series on a macaque gang in India, told like a docu-drama:
    The top monkey has it real rough. His duties include:
    - know everyone in the gang and keep an eye on them
    - lead the gang to sufficient food throughout the week
    - stop fights in the gang
    - lead the fight when another gang gets in their territory
    - fight the #2 guy in his gang because the #2 guy is always trying to knock him out of #1 spot
    - be smooth with the females so they accept him
    Then die in a couple years, #1 rarely holds on for longer than that. If he doesn't do those things, the gang loses confidence in him and runs away.
    I'm sure quite a bit of the series was clever editing and some story-telling, but still very interesting and could be close to the real story.
  3. would love to watch that... but god dam hulu can only be played in the US!