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  1. It looks like i have to actaully spell out why some people dont understand Jack. What he writes are posts with a LOT of substansive content. Stuff with a LOT of substansive content needs to be read multiple times. Let me give you an example:
    I am an Economics major from the Universtiy of Pennsylvania. Economic textbooks(university level) are books with a lot of substanisve content. You have to read each page multiple times. The reason being that the first time around you only understand the logic of the first paragraph.Somewhere along the rest of the page you missed one thing. That one thing leads you too not understand the rest of the page. This is why you have to read it MULTIPLE times before you understand the whole page very well. Jack has already stated numerous times that he has written several textbooks. Textbooks contain things with a lot of substansive content that needs to be read multiuple times to fully understand.
    People here who dont like him dont know if he is or isnt a good trader. They just dont understand him. What this means are the people who dont understand him are not reading enough times and grasping what he sais.
    People who do not grasp things at the university level fail and recieve D's and F's.
    What is happening here is that we have a majority of the forum falling into the D's and F's. This makes sense as the majority of traders here are small time traders and not profitable. We know this from previous polls done on ET.

    *****so here we are now with the IDIOTS banning Jack. They ban Jack becasue they could not understand him. They dont understand him becasue they are either stupid or did not put in the work. And so they Ban. Does that seems like a fair basis too ban somone in ET? NO.NO.NO.NO.
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    Actually, it wasn't "idiots" who banned Jack; it was Baron; and I assume he was banned for his abuse of others, not because so many people couldn't understand him.

    As for your other points, the "substantive content" is not the problem. I have a Ph.D. in developmental psychology. I'm acquainted with substantive content. As for whether or not Jack is a good trader, you're closer to the point. Is he? Can he offer a definite set of rules that are easily understood? Can he provide specific entry, management, and exit rules? Can he post trades real-time to illustrate his principles? Can any of his students explain his strategy? Are any of his students making real money with it in real-time?

    I'm not going to get into whether or not Jack should have been banned because I don't know the whole story. But in all this time, no one - including his students - has ever been able to explain his strategy, much less post trades in real-time that illustrate that strategy. If none of them can explain it, then none of them understand it.

    If you want to put this into the context of school, take the final. Begin and maintain a journal of "Hershey trades". Post your trades in real-time and explain why you took them, how they are to be managed, how they are to be exited. If you can't do any of that, then you're justified in wondering why.
  3. substansive content is meaningless with a faulty underlying premise---and--- no i did not have to read my economic textbooks several times for understanding. LOL !

  4. Yes, but only if they are written by 'authors' like Jack. Otherwise you should have a clear GENERAL idea already after the first reading. Try to get a clear general idea of what Jack 'teaches' after reading his posts only once. I doubt you can succeed. The guy simply babbles.

    Anyway, feel free to explain his stuff to us. I am certainly open to new things. Some of his followers (gms, for instance) even tried to do it, but that was met with an arrogant derision on the part of the guru. At that point I had no longer any doubts that Jack's objective was not teach others his 'strategies' but to boost his already very inflated ego.
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    curiously though, jack did not start out this way, there were people that were constantly badgering and ridiculing him, and of course the mods did nothing to stop this because they were friends of the people doing the badgering and ridiculing.

    i say if you ban the victim of harassment, at least ban the instigators as well.
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    I always dreamed of having a reason to quote Baron or have a post on the same page.

    I can die happy now I dun both :)


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