For all who are currently short S&P or Dow, what is your target level??

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  1. For everyone who is currently short the S&P or Dow, what is your target level set at??

    Im short from 1,226 with target of 1,205.7,
    although i can see this potentially going as low as 1,196.5
  2. I've noticed after years of observation (and experience), most shorts get squeezed like no one's business and always cover at the first sign of "relief"...only to then watch the thing drop like a rock. Surely, this is all played out in the charts, but human psychology (and the intolerance for pain) being what they are...

  3. Another live one at ET. Same-o same-o day in and day out. It will never never ever change.
  4. Live one?? :confused:
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    I trade daily chart, so I think my short target is a lot further then yours.
    I'm short SPX, I'm going to see how price reacts at 1117 ish, I might decide to get out then. If I decide to stay in I'll have Cover Limit at 1040

    That might seem a little overoptimistic, but if you look at how the October rally had no volume except for the peak, it could be possible.

  6. Whoah that is a huge target, especially in a market which is so illogically bullish currently.. :eek:

    I also trade of the daily/monthly chart, as well as the 15/5/1minute,
    however there is no way i could bear to try holding this below the 1196.5 support level.

    Can i ask you a few questions out of curiousity-

    1. What level is your stoploss at??

    2. Approx how long are you expecting it to take before the market reaches 1,117?

    3. How many upward jolt areas/days are you expecting between today and when you think that level will be hit?
  7. I am short 32 Jan 2013 strike 160 calls on SPY.
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    Are they covered?

  9. There are 5 letters in the word that's synonymous with "live one"

    - - S - -

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