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    This is some information, for all those ET traders that want to learn about HedgeFunds. Hopefully, some of this info will help., Hedge fund Research is a consulting firm that has collected data on most of the different hedge funds in the US., The Zurich Capital Markets database and the indices calculated from it, were originally compliled and developed by MANAGED ACCOUNTS REPORTS (MAR)., This data base contins information on around 2000, hedge funds, (calculates the median monthy net of fee returns on the funds in the indices., group is a hedge fund advisory firm),, (advisory firm),,

    I am a member of this site,, this is a pay site for hedgefund managers and investors.
    This site has the best information on performances, and gives excellent information on the Hedgefunds themselves.....The reason this site is so good is because of their data, there is around a 30% attrition rate in newly established funds, in other words, 30% of new funds do not survive.

    Now this is just a tip of the Iceberg........good luck to those on ET that want to embark on this type of adventure.
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    Part of the reason the "attrition" on is so high is because a bunch of small managers recently stopped reporting results to them. decided to start charging $500 per year to managers with < $10 million in assets. Of course you are going to get a lot of "attrition" if you do something like that.

    I'm not aware of any particular value I ever received from reporting Schindler Trading results to, so I dropped them from our monthly performance distribution list when they started hitting me up for money. may have wanted to prune their database or bring in more money, and that's fine. But the move shoots their credibility if you got that attrition statistic from them.