For All The Progressive Experts On Racism

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  1. This is for you guys. Enjoy.

    1/1/11 Alan Colmes: the Tea Party is a "bunch of angry white guys who went around and put up racist signs."

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  2. I wish somebody would ask Mr West how he feels about todays republicans in multiple GOP States celebrating their ancestors fight to keep black people enslaved:cool:

    Sad that Mr West,Mr Steel and Mr Scott don't know that they are being used as the 3 token blacks to try to prove that the Republican party aren't full of racists

    Confederate President Jefferson Davis' oath of office to be re-created in Alabama

    Published: Sunday, December 26, 2010, 6:00 PM
    By The Associated Press

    Hundreds of Civil War re-enactors will parade up the main street of Montgomery, Ala., to the state Capitol on Feb. 19 to re-create the swearing-in of Confederate President Jefferson Davis 150 years ago.

    African-American leaders might protest nearby with a message that the Confederacy should be remembered with shame for trying to keep blacks enslaved rather than with celebration.


    NAACP Protests 'Secession Ball' In South Carolina

    CHARLESTON, S.C. — The memory of the Civil War collided with modern-day civil rights Monday as protesters targeted a "Secession Ball," commemorating South Carolina's decision exactly 150 years ago to secede from the United States of America.

    As blacks and whites gathered in the twilight with electric candles and signs for an NAACP protest, a predominantly white group of men in old-fashioned tuxedos and women in long-flowing dresses and gloves stopped to watch and take pictures before going into the Charleston auditorium where the ball was taking place.

    NAACP leaders said it made no sense to hold a gala to honor men who committed treason against their own nation for the sake of a system that kept black men and women in bondage as slaves.
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    I guess these fu%^ing @ssholes are never going to get over slavery and White people are never going to really give a rat's ass... I sure don't..

    Blacks don't work in the private sector much, Jessie Jackemup types sue White employers so they don't hire blacks unless they absolutely have to and legit Black employers are pretty few and far between and ghetto crime really doesn't pay much at all.. that leaves government money for them to live on, whether it's public sector employment or welfare and the overwhelming majority are not working for the government... so really, their bread is buttered on the side of the Public Sector $ and politics so they have to keep the "racism thing" going... same as the Russian Communists had to keep the "capitalist pig" thingy going.. until it all crashed... I'd say that when we have inflation in a big way this "racism thingy" will crash and burn royally, it just won't pay any more.. they will be looking for work, I shit you not...
  4. Very well stated. What you've mentioned is on the master list of items that are "taboo" to discuss in this country any longer. Essentially all things tied to the public sector and what a gigantic drain it is on this country.
  5. Why is it they never have anything to say about the modern day slavery that happens today, right now this very day, in africa? Why do they never have anything to say about the african tribal leaders who actually provided the slave traders with the slaves? Were they less guilty?
  6. I have no idea where you get your info considering blacks are 14 % of the private sector work force :confused:

  7. Because Range Rover's boys can't profit off of it.
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    I am no historian, but is it odd to anyone else that people come up with every reason under the sun why we went to war in the middle east, other than helping make a better world?

    Then so easily believe that the only reason we went to war with ourselves was to free the slaves?