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  1. Because I don't quite understand WTF this stock is doing...

    Can anyone take a stab at figuring out EFUT?


    Whats happening exactly?
  2. Float is miniscule and its a china play. Nuff said.
  3. Is the float really 1 million shares? That's absolutely ridiculous. Someone could have cornered this weeks ago (???)
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    Yahoo=Float 45,000
  5. long time i didnt see this kinda momo, 3 sessions in a row with 50% gains..had it in my grid all the time and never touched thinkin' 'it gotta stop today, not worth it'?? this pos was a penny crap, what's up with it.
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    Good question. I was reading the SEC filing to try to figure it out too... there's like 8 principals, and it should be a penny stock. They have barely any assets, in what I'd think would be a tough market (there's more hackers in China than anywhere else, you'd think any of those companies could find a programmer for $5 a day to set up an identical system in a week).

    It moved up $15.50 so far today!! It's the craziest thing I've ever seen. Wish I bought it at noon when it was only up $11.
  7. Also interesting to note is that, to my knowledge, no shares are available for shorting yet. Thus, all of this action we've seen is not aided by the usual unrelenting short squeeze rally (like TZOO back in April). This appears to be primarily outright long activity.

    In any event, it's probably a good thing that short shares aren't available for EFUT, that way nobody can get run over, except those buying at whatever top eventually forms.
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  9. what was the exact error message u got?
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