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  1. Sign the Call to Drive Out the Bush Regime

    Your government, on the basis of outrageous lies, is waging a murderous and utterly illegitimate war in Iraq, with other countries in their sights.

    Your government is openly torturing people, and justifying it.

    Your government puts people in jail on the merest suspicion, refusing them lawyers, and either holding them indefinitely or deporting them in the dead of night.

    Your government is moving each day closer to a theocracy, where a narrow and hateful brand of Christian fundamentalism will rule.

    Your government suppresses the science that doesn't fit its religious, political and economic agenda, forcing present and future generations to pay a terrible price.

    Your government is moving to deny women here, and all over the world, the right to birth control and abortion.

    Your government enforces a culture of greed, bigotry, intolerance and ignorance.

    People look at all this and think of Hitler — and they are right to do so. The Bush regime is setting out to radically remake society very quickly, in a fascist way, and for generations to come. We must act now; the future is in the balance.

    Millions and millions are deeply disturbed and outraged by this. They recognize the need for a vehicle to express this outrage, yet they cannot find it; politics as usual cannot meet the enormity of the challenge, and people sense this.

    There is not going to be some magical "pendulum swing." People who steal elections and believe they're on a "mission from God" will not go without a fight.

    There is not going to be some savior from the Democratic Party. This whole idea of putting our hopes and energies into "leaders" who tell us to seek common ground with fascists and religious fanatics is proving every day to be a disaster, and actually serves to demobilize people.

    But silence and paralysis are NOT acceptable. That which you will not resist and mobilize to stop, you will learn — or be forced — to accept. There is no escaping it: the whole disastrous course of this Bush regime must be STOPPED. And we must take the responsibility to do it.

    And there is a way. We are talking about something on a scale that can really make a huge change in this country and in the world. We need more than fighting Bush's outrages one at a time, constantly losing ground to the whole onslaught. We must, and can, aim to create a political situation where the Bush regime's program is repudiated, where Bush himself is driven from office, and where the whole direction he has been taking society is reversed. We, in our millions, must and can take responsibility to change the course of history.

    Acting in this way, we join with and give support and heart to people all over the globe who so urgently need and want this regime to be stopped.

    This will not be easy. If we speak the truth, they will try to silence us. If we act, they will try to stop us. But we speak for the majority, here and around the world, and as we get this going we are going to reach out to the people who have been so badly fooled by Bush and we are NOT going to stop.

    The point is this: history is full of examples where people who had right on their side fought against tremendous odds and were victorious. And it is also full of examples of people passively hoping to wait it out, only to get swallowed up by a horror beyond what they ever imagined. The future is unwritten. WHICH ONE WE GET IS UP TO US.

    The World Can't Wait! Drive Out the Bush Regime!


    Endorsers Include:

    Mumia Abu-Jamal, political prisoner, journalist
    Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal
    After Downing Street Coalition
    Aimee Allison, army conscientious objector (Gulf War
    Tom Ammiano, San Francisco Board of Supervisors
    Edward Asner
    Ed Begley Jr.
    Harry Belafonte
    Gabriel Byrne, Actor
    Tim Carpenter, Director, Progressive Democrats of America
    Ward Churchill
    Code Pink: Women for Peace
    John Conyers, US Representative
    Barry Crimmins, writer/correspondent, Air America Radio
    Chris Daly, San Francisco Board of Supervisors
    Julie Delpy, Actress
    Carl Dix, Revolutionary Communist Party
    Tom Duane, NY State Senator
    Michael Eric Dyson, author, "Is Bill Cosby Right?"
    Jodie Evans, Code Pink
    Jane Fonda
    Prof. Barbara Forrest, Southeastern Louisana University (testifed in Dover against intelligent design)
    Paul Haggis, Director/Writer of Crash, screenwriter of Million Dollar Baby
    Islamic Association of America
    Jesse Jackson
    Casey Kasem
    Jessica Lange
    Lucinda Marshall, Founder Feminist Peace Network*
    Carol Migden, CA State Senator
    Tom Morello, Audioslave
    Cristina Page, author of "How the Pro-Choice Movement Saved America"
    Sean Penn
    Queers for Economic Justice
    Joshua Rosenblum, Composer/ Director of Bush is Bad
    Mark Ruffalo, actor
    Susan Sarandon
    Rev. Al Sharpton
    Cindy Sheehan
    Martin Sheen
    Gloria Steinem
    Studs Terkel
    Gore Vidal, writer
    Kurt Vonnegut
    Alice Walker
    Maxine Waters, US Representative
    Howard Zinn, historian, "A Peoples' History of the United States"
  2. Wow, a racist murderer of a white cop, racist progressives, no talent rock musicians, and Hollywood celebrities. How can you NOT support a cause led by these wonderful individuals!
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    The entity that really caught my attention was Queers for Economic Justice. LMAO!
  4. Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi didn't sign? No Hamas endorsement?

    They should really amend the message to be more sensitive to the beliefs of minorities.
  5. Dont worry hap, your so squeaky clean they will look at your glowing endorsements of the regime here, and say, "damn, this guy is so squeaky clean, we cant pin anything on him..........lets give him a job-he could be usefull"

    Very smart strategy, dude.:)
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    Look who is calling the kettle black!

    Janis Leigh Karpinski (born May 25, 1953, Rahway, New Jersey) is a United States Army Colonel in the 800th Military Police Brigade. She was demoted from Brigadier General in the aftermath of the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal.

    Liberal hypocrisy knows no bounds.
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  8. Sorry, acro but I don't aspire to work for the Feds, or, as you know them, Big Brother. But if that's your Dream, by all means, go for it.

    Dude. :D
  9. You need a college degree to work for the government. Unfortunately you have not completed High School. Do not worry, I understand the qualifications required in this particular administration is very low. Donate $100 to the GOP and you can get you name put on the waiting list for new hires. For Gestapo foot-soldiers. Where do you think all those supposed new jobs are being created? After all, under these people, the bureaucracy is expanding faster than maggots on a rotten carcass.

    Quote from hapaboy:

    Sorry, acro but I don't aspire to work for the Feds, or, as you know them, Big Brother. But if that's your Dream, by all means, go for it.

    Dude. :D
  10. Did not want to start a new thread since they pop up like Orville's popcorn, so i went in here. If OT just realize the source.......:D

    Would Bush even want to capture O B Laden?

    Would Bush want to take away what was a present presented to him from the terror attack?

    Without the attack on 9/11 what better excuse would there have been for the USA to invade Iraq and steal the natural resources?

    What would Bush use besides the terror card to BS the public?

    Without OBL running around willy nilly how could Bush justify breaking this countries bankbook?

    If you were Bush and the only item you could hang your hat on was taken away...What could you use as a claim to fame?

    Bush and the crowd in Washington took a horrible event and used it as a weapon upon everyone but the bad guys themselves.

    Osama Bin laden is a bad guy for sure, BUT he is not alone out there...................Believe it!!!!
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