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  2. I am sure the children of the US-backed/Israel airstrikes in lebanon last year thank you and love you greatly.
    Sorry, you'll have to do better than that.
  3. More US-Israel terror. Is destroying property with no trial crimminal or terrorism? Nope, not if the victims are arabs.

    Our media is not allowed to report this. We are not allowed to see this.

    Limited Israeli incursion into Gaza damages farmland and buildings
    Date: 12 / 09 / 2007 Time: 11:30

    Gaza – Ma'an – A number of Israeli military vehicles launched a limited incursion into the Gaza Strip, east of Al Maghazi refugee camp, on Wednesday morning.

    No casualties were reported as a result of the invasion.

    Palestinian security sources, in the central Gaza governorate, said that the incursion was one kilometre from the fence separating Israel and the Gaza Strip, towards the land and homes of the Palestinians.

    Vast damage resulted from Israel's limited incursion into the area east of Al Maghazi refugee camp in the early hours of Wednesday morning, security sources revealed.

    Israeli bulldozers partially destroyed the home of Shadi Sa'ayda, three greenhouses, three poultry farms and several trees.

  4. Israel completely withdrew from Gaza a couple of years ago. These incursions would not be taking place if palestinian terrorists did not fire Qassam rockets into Israel from Gaza on a daily basis.
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  7. TT would you consider the stats below vast?

    Weekly Jihad Report
    Sep. 08 - Sep. 14 Jihad Attacks: 60

    Dead Bodies: 332

    Critically Injured: 540
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  10. "free" media lol. Tightly controlled, only propaganda makes it our way.

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