For all of you "spread the wealth" retards.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by IShopAtPublix, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. Don't you think when US wastes 10 billion/month and a good chunk of it goes to military contractors (such fine folks as halliburton, blackwater, etc) that is not spreading the wealth? Bush's administration transferred the wealth from taxpayers at large into Big Oil/Big Military (and now Big Banks). W will retire a VERY rich man. I can only imagine all kickbacks he accrued while in office.
  2. Joe the Plumber's house is only worth $120k. Most of the degenerates who vote republican in the red states are poor and stupid. Based on state GDP per capita, the red states are at the bottom of the list. The optimal strategy to fix america is to round up the people in the red states, put them on trains and send them to Mexico. Mexicans and immigrants who want to enter the US will be allowed in and to live in the homes or dwellings of the red states. If these new Americans don't do any work, then current economic forecasts won't need any changing. If the new Americans actually work, then expect double digit GDP.
  3. What, and destroy Mexico?