For All Of You Dell Haters

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  1. This from an email sent to be as a Dell Business customer...

    "... Why spend valuable time on IT when you could be running your business? Dell ProSupport™ gives you 24/7 direct telephone access to specially trained North-American based IT experts in an average of two minutes or less. It also covers over 75 third-party hardware and software vendors including Microsoft®, Adobe® and more. It's why Dell Services has earned more No. 1 rankings in the TBR Customer Satisfaction Survey than any other competitor.*

    With Dell ProSupport, you can get:

    • 24/7/365 phone support by a senior IT expert, help is available when you need it.
    • Mission Critical Same day, 2- or 4-hour onsite service including holidays
    • On-site repair Next Business Day On-Site Service after Remote Diagnosis**. An IT technician will come to your business to resolve the problem one business day after diagnosis


    My personal experience with Dell Tech Support over the last 10 years has been infrequent but excellent on my few issues.

    So, if a Dell Precision Computer (business line) fits your needs, odds are you will be happy all around with the hardware and service.

    (I currently have 5 Precision Line computers in my home network... one of them a notebook... all is and has been runing "smooth as a gravy sandwich".)

    I'm not a fanboi of anything or anybody... and I'm not touting Dell... just stating the facts of my personal experience.
  2. I'm not a Dell hater, as I'm typing on a 7+ year old Dell right now. I did add a bigger hard drive. As in my thread I did buy my son a Dell laptop, and dealt with India, which was very annoying. It runs well, but at the same time it shows 79 processes running, and most are Dell bull****. Really, is that what it takes to get a deal on a laptop?! Cripes doing a search on what to close down is next to useless and uses more time than I really need to spend. C'mon, on the computer I'm using now I only have 49 processes running, which I think is ridiculous, and it is 7 + years old. A new computer should be at a minimum.
    I'll pass on if I have other problems, but what worries me most is the Antivirus software that came with it immediately quarenteed a Dell program as a Trojan. That is funny, but not really! I was going to download MS Office at his student discount, but now I worry that Dell has some scam running to capture more info that runs the risk of my credit card being sold to some crap hole in Russia or China, or here. PISS ME OFF!
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    Dell sells over 100,000 pc/lappis in a DAY!! dont even start about the other over 300 electronic products they now sell.

    They recieve an average 3-5 calls per pc/lappi sold = 3/5 00,000 calls a Day average !! just for computers

    I know how the company operates and will tell you is one of the best operations in the world. your pc is ready within 2 hrs of an order being recieved at the depot !!

    Anyways. 5% defects of all electronic items WILL pass the QA with flying colors and later die. Its just a fact of Silicon life.
    when they sell so much there ought to be pains. Just get the cheap warranty and be safe. Doesn't matter what you buy.
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    the reason why u hate dell is u are speaking to customer svc, sales dept, and tech support in india.
  5. Laptops are potentially different. 80% of the world's laptops are made by 5 companies in Asia and rebranded. Years ago Dell's were made by Wistron, though I don't know about today.

    My notebook is also a Precision Line unit.... and as such gets the same tech support as other Precision PCs. That is, prompt service... support from an English speaking tech in the USA.

    Gotta say, Dell bends over backwards for their business line customers... not necessarily the same for budget, consumer units.
  6. My dell was all screwed up some years back, couldn't load the OS, would just get the blue screen of death and so i called dell customer service, got some guy in the Philippines. He actually did a really nice job, walked me through some complicated steps and fixed everything real nice. Although that was part of the 1 or 2 year free customer service window. If I called now, they would charge me. No complaints here.