for all new props

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    if you manage or know any new prop company (stocks) - PM me your requirements.

    I plan to open an account. (5000 usd depo)

  2. bigpapi


    Wow 5k! Get ready they'll be kicking down your door soon and stampeding eachother for your business. :p

  3. ^^You could be nice, or just not post at all.

    OP, $5k is a small deposit for many prop firms. It would help if you posted your location as well as experience. If you are new to prop most firms would want you to be in an office with some fairly tight risk settings. Many firms are undercapitalized and would not want to risk you losing your capital plus some of their money if things went against you.

    Best of luck!
  4. mucazzi


    I would think with all the fraud at some prop firms nowadays that 5k should be the max any reasonable person would dare to give.