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    eSignal just released that Eurex is now available for $9 Exchange Fee.

    just thought some would be interested in this information.
  2. alain


    instead of $22.....
  3. Plus exchange fees.
  4. FFastTrade: $550 per month system charge for 4 exchanges, $.50 per side transaction fees plus exchange fees. Total Round Turn for Eurex contracts is $1.00 plus €1.00 (exchange fee) ?
  5. alain


    what kind of broker is this? FFasttrade?
  6. bone


    The official Eurex exchange fee for capital market products (Bund, Bobl, Shaz) is 40 Euro a round turn.
  7. bone


    That's Euro CENTS.
  8. Could someone be nice enough to tell me where I can find the underlying symbol for the bund,bobl and DJ Euro stoxx 50. I looked hi and lo, called my vendor-esignal, looked at the website, called the eurex people in Chicago and even they don't know.

    I guess most important question is -From a trading standpoint (scalping style), does it matter? I traded stocks and I need to know premium of cash over futures to guess buy/sell programs. But when I traded coffee and sugar futures a while back I had no clue as to the cash value of those commodities? Any thoughts?

  9. alain


    the eurostoxx is a stoxx index that is found on the frankfurt exchange. The Dax registered on the Frankfurt exchange.

    In the regular Futures abonoment this is not included. You must add the frankfurt exchange into your abonomment and then you can select the indices. Ask them if you could add the indices to the futures base offer. They do add it.

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