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    Dear Admin

    That is copy of message from author box .

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    Thank's God bless
    Attention: Please

    I am looking for your cooperation in building a small scale investment. I am sorry if this is not in line with your business. I need few guidelines including tax percentage and other legalities thereof.

    but i need a person like you to assist me as i have set aside the fund required to develop the project and assume responsibility of ownership as chairman to you. The reason behind this is, we are not allow to operate on foreign investment while in service. I am Patrick Mabri Banny,a citizen from Ivory Coast presently contract awarding committee chairman/coordinator - Budget and planning to the Goverment of Ivory Coast,

    I acquired this money as a result of over invoicing on contract prices.
    I am currently in possession of some reasonable amount of united state dollars which i will show you in the deposit slip, upon your request. which i want to use for any of the investment mentioned above,purposes preferably in your country.

    That is why i need someone like you who is trustworthy and honest, to assist me achieve this objectives,and also manage the business for me.Your immediate reply will be highly appreciated and I shall give you more information on this project,and your percentage and all what is expected of you.
    PLs contact me at my private telephone and email address

    + 22501893448

    And also give me your; Phone and fax number................. City...................................

    Please call me now on 22501893448
    Your response is highly welcomed.
    Thanks and God bless.
    I Remain Yours;
    Mr Patrick Mabri

    06-29-07 11:49 AM
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    Thank you,

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