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  1. I am looking to annotate, then use a screen capture, then paste the results on my commercial website...
    what kind of software (reasonably priced) may I do this with?

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  3. I have a screen capture, but most websites that provide content won't let you use their charts to publish to a commercial site

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    lhclin TickQuest

    Many charting apps such as NeoTicker
    from our company allow you to
    annotate a chart and do a one
    key screenshot of a chart to save it.

    The way we see it is the chart is your
    creation so you can publish it.
  5. OK, I got. Just release the mouse somewhere on the desktop. WOW. Cool. And made right here in West Central FLA.

    Excellent link, amigo.
  6. This is so cool, that I just captured my three screens.
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    use snag it.
    just do a search in google for it nice program
    heck i think you can even have a free version but it will say snag it on all the captures if not its pretty cheap