For 12-year old astrophysics prodigy, the sky’s the limit

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  1. Craig66


    It's 'Stephen Hawking'. :)
    He'll probably end up working for GS.
  2. Impressive kid

  3. The best and brightest don't solve mysteries of the universe. They create Credit Default Swaps and CDO2's. :D :D :D
  4. He's being courted with pizza, Pepsi and PlayStation by Citadel. :( :mad:
  5. Eddiefl


    I will bet 100000.00 he wont be working for the govt. in the future.

    Thats a shame, we need smart people up there, not the Dui/widows/petty ass criminals we have in DC and in the State capitols. Its full of 3rd rate heirs that havent accomplished shit,

  6. I wonder if he would make a good trader???
  7. Eddiefl


    Good programmer.
  8. I'll bet 50k he won't amount to squat. None of the modern day child prodigies ever produce anything substantial - Pascal forces me to add the words modern day otherwise they're carnival attractions that will experience mean reversion.
  9. Eddiefl


    Not true that none of the modern day prodigies amount to nothing.

    Yes, they are not successful to the level of Gates, Soros etc. BUt they lead very successful lives in academia, research and even wall street.

    You could argue Gates was a prodigy, also Zuckerberg, there are many.

    But most often they lack social skills and superb communication skills, which is the real key to leadership and success.

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