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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ycomp, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. ycomp


    I'm really confused as to what is a good and what is a bad feed... and why TT and CTS T4 is cheaper than CQG and Rithmic on a per contract traded basis. Are they all good enough? do they all handle extreme volatility well?
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  2. MattZ

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    What people consider "good" or "bad" is based on the data they receive in their platform and their execution speed-in my opinion. Rithmic, for example, provides everything from the exchange beyond 10 levels on the DOM. The pricing you mentioned above is not in line with the pricing that I am aware of.

    I use all of the data above, and in my opinion, they do handle volatility well. However, they all experienced down periods one time or another.
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  3. ycomp


    the pricing I was talking about was based on AMP's page here:

    it says that TT and CTS cost $0 per contract traded, CQG is $0.10 and Rithmic $0.25 - that's why I was wondering. How does TT and CTS get money?
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  4. MattZ

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    TT is 30 cents per side on their own platform
    CTS is 50 cents per side on their platform

    Please keep in mind that API feed over 3rd party (in the context of this topic) could be cheaper.
    For example, TT over Sierra is 10 cents now, and CTS was 10 cents over Sierra, I am not sure if it still works.
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  5. ycomp


    sorry, clarification needed... you are not sure if CTS the feed still works with Sierra or you are not sure if that pricing is still the same?
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  6. MattZ

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    Both. Most of our guys use CQG and Rithmic over Sierra, so I am not sure at this point.
    CTS was once a solution for routing and execution, and it was a bit hard to set up.
    Now Sierra is promoting TT.
    Again, CQG and Rithmic work fine for us over Sierra, and I see no reason to switch unless the customer requests.

    By the way, CTS-T4 is a great platform for fast execution and has an amazing DOM for trading.
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  7. Cannon_Trading

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    Have you looked at Jigsaw Daytrader?
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  8. MattZ

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    Counterparty tags: Need to have a direct exchange feed for that and its exchange dependent. Too much nonsense out there, appreciate your professional contributions.
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