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    Do you believe order flow stuff can you give an edge? Well, I am not very convinced and I am happy with MotiveWave's built-in order flow features. Try it:
    MotiveWave is as elegant as Thinkorswim, and as powerful as NinjaTrader. It's also much lighter than Thinkorswim. Most importantly to me, it supports Mac natively. Cost is cheaper than Sierra and more expensive than Ninja (MW Ultimate edition).
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    I think it depends what problems you are trying to solve, everyone is different. It helps me avoid overtrading.
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    MotiveWave's version 6 is definitely comparable to Sierra Charts, and we have 30+ supported brokers and data service providers to choose from. We've got a risk free 14 day trial if you want to test us out (make sure you install the version 6 beta, officially releasing in approx. 2 weeks, so it's very stable).
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    LOL ouch. It was done in 2015, so waaay more advanced than 2010. It was ahead of it's time then. ;) We're aware our website is 'a bit' outdated and we are working on revamping it with our version 6.0 release.
    Please don't judge our software by our website :D, it's a lot more advanced than our website.
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    can you tell me how to set up a delta imbalance footprint chart? I couldn't figure it out

    something like this:
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    Make sure that whatever "market footprint" vendor you go to is on a month-to-month subscription basis that you can cancel easily - because "footprint" data cannot filter out crossed orders and spoofing (which is rampant in modern electronic markets). What you think you see, or what someone is telling you... is not necessarily reality.

    It would only be a legitimate edge if the data vendor had access to individual order identifier tags - and they emphatically do not.
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    All a FP does is show how much traded at the bid and at the offer at each price level in the past, up until the last trade. That's it. It is a record of what kind of buyer/seller interaction moved, or did not move, price. That is real information. How you use it determines your edge, or lack.

    I think a lot of people promote FP to be something more than it is.

    And other people shoot it down for failing to do something it never intended to do in the first place.

    From my observations, SC seems the cheapest. Esp via AMP at $25 a month. And can do an awful lot if you spend the time working out what it can actually do in terms of config. Requires a significant time investment. You can not review SC capabilities in a day or two. Or a week.
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    If that's all a person needs - lease TT on a per trade basis if you're trading futures. TT does a volume at price histogram better than anybody when it comes to futures. You can even choose to include (or not) implied trades.
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