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  1. ycomp


    I haven't used market delta but i'm looking for something that provides what it does and is flexible .. imbalance charts in particular with all or most of the bells and whistles.

    But also the ability to add multiple volume profiles for different days ago and something that can draw important lines like ON hi/lo, ib hi/lo, poc, etc.

    So far I've narrowed it down to:

    Quite Possibly: Sierra

    Sierra Chart Advanced - seems like it is probably configurable enough to do everything i need. I like the idea that if my computer crashes I can run it from a backup.

    Quite Possibly: ATAS

    charts look good but I'm not sure if it can do everything I listed above.

    Possibly: TigerTrade

    haven't tried the demo yet so not really sure. Anyone have any comments?

    Possibly: Bookmap

    same as TigerTrade comments

    Maybe: Investor RT

    Investor/RT? - I really don't know about this it seems overpriced but I never tried the demo. But it probably also can do everything?

    Probably not: MC

    I tried multicharts briefly as a demo. Correct me if I'm wrong but the volume footprint type charts looked limited in nature and I'm not sure if it can do the other things I listed.

    Probably not: Ninja

    I probably want to stay away from ninjatrader because it can have performance issues with my system even though my hardware is pretty recent and I have loads of RAM.

    But if anyone has some suggestions as to good third party for it, I'll listen.

    Anything Else?

    anyone have any other good recommendations?
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  2. MattZ

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    Most of our users use Sierrachart, however, there are additional platform that you could consider for this: Inside Edge, Motive Wave, and Bookmap.
  3. I'm Ninjatrader 8 user, and I bought the platform. It can do all that you have written in the list, with the order flow version:

    The platform doesn't need that you have a gaming PC, I have 4 GB of RAM and my charts load fast.

  4. ycomp


    it's kind of the luck of the draw... usually it takes 1-2 gb of ram for me but sometimes it can spiral out of control (much more ram usage). depends on your charts i guess. I haven't tried their order flow tools though. But also I'm not a fan of the occasional temporary unresponsiveness. I'm just mentioning these facts, please nobody start writing about how that's because there might be a 3rd party indicator running or how to debug it.
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  5. It's ironic how software companies have a website that looks like 2010:D:D (I'm not saying that they are bad I'm only speaking about web pages)

    Of these four, I only would waste $2000 in bookmap:)
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  6. I have one year using the platform and I only have had problems when the electricity is out (I live in Venezuela:D:D:D) because the workspace when I restart the PC is still open and it collapse, but it is solved when you disable the "automatic connection at startup"
  7. ZBZB


    If you think Investor RT is expensive at $50 a month plus $20 for volume studies, then CQG at $595 for market delta may be out of the question.
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  8. ycomp


    it was about $100 at least from what I saw on their site. They split up their volume packages so that is at least $50 for the volume part for my needs. But anyhow I mean sierra is $25-$35 depending on broker. I don't have any particularly fancy needs so I probably don't need whatever CQG offers with their platform - I just want to make sure I don't waste my time evaluating a platform that might not have everything I need, so I thought I'd ask here.

    To be clear in my original post I meant Market Delta as in the original Market Delta platform. I don't know what the CQG one looks like, I just see videos on youtube about the Market Delta platform pre-CQG
  9. ZBZB


    Who is your broker? You could get CQG from your broker then you just pay per trade.
  10. ycomp


    Ninja but I'm looking to switch brokers and platforms, what brokers offer CQG Integrated Client this way? Market Delta is only on the Integrated Client, right? or is it also on another version of CQG?

    my understanding is that many people weren't happy with the CQG platform after marketdelta migrated to CQG, and instead moved to other platforms like Sierra
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