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    I am trying to figer out if there is a way for building afootprint charts for any kind Of Index...based on the Option of the Index.



  2. trY the Bigfoot software. It does exactly what you need. It uses the option of the idex to create footprints. Just do a search
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    do you mean the Avy's site?!...

    becouse if not i cant find anything related...and belive me i looked.(a link maybe..)
  4. Bigfoot. Not sasquatsch or Use the original. Bigfoot
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    thats not nice.
  6. LOL, zentrickster doesn't mean any harm ... that's just the way he is. :D


    There are other ways to track what institutional money is doing, just look at a longer time-frame chart, use the classic 200/50 SMA's, etc.

    Be creative ... once someone finds something that is really working for them, I doubt they'll be giving it away on this website.
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    Thanks for the nice messege... I will update if i will find something.
  8. Unfortunately sir you seem to have encountered this site's two village idiots.

    MarketDelta is a commercial product that produces a "footprint" of the volume at bid vs ask. It is expensive but does all the work for you..

    Alternatively Linnsoft has charting software that approximates those results using its "Volume Breakdown" tools. In fact Bill Linn was commissioned to develop MarketDelta's product. If you review them you will see that MarketDelta's charts show the same format as Linnsoft's

    And finally, if you have the resources you could hire a programmer to develop an Excel spreadsheet that brings in the data and displays it in footprint style. The programmer should have previous experience with this type of project and you want to be sure that he can overcome the data lag problem that is inherent in this kind of project.

    Sorry about your experience with these jerks...Today they are playing "good idiot, bad idiot" a version of the famous cop protocol....:D

    Best of luck to you
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  10. the problem with foot prints is that a foot print is in the past! foot prints will not help in your quest to understand the market... a good criminal or trader will mask the footprint so you won't know what is going on .. even put up fake footprints in teh wrong direction... serioulsy do not waste your time on market delta or any other foot print..
    sometimes huge option volume can tell a story, but most people are hedging when you see those enormous orders so if they are wrong they almost break even..
    good luck to you
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