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  1. tommo


    Hi All,

    Is it only MarketDelta that provide footprint charts (historical bid and ask volume at each price, ideal for order flow traders)? Or do other charting packages also offer something similar. My broker not supporting MarketDelta anymore for some reason.

    upload_2019-8-12_12-15-37.png upload_2019-8-12_12-15-37.png

  2. Robert Morse

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    Very cool, but my brain can't handle that much information, then process it and then make trading decisions for quick scalps from that much information. I would need to hire a coder to put in place a rule set and then trade automated.
  3. tommo


    I know what you mean Robert. But actually this info means you don’t have to store it in your brain. You can scroll back 3 days and see a big seller sold 10,000 S&Ps at the highs and next time it gets up there you have that information.

    The alternative is stare at the ladder all day watching every clip go through and memorising the levels paper wanted to trade at.

    I’d love to believe you can make do without reading order flow. But I’ve been trading a long time now and never seen anyone make intraday money just off of candlesticks. Would love to be proven wrong though.
  4. Robert Morse

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    What I have learned, in my experience, is that this information on its own can be deceptive. Large blocks of broad-based indexes or single stock names can be opening, closing, hedged, not hedged or the hedge from another trade. If you can make money from it, that is all that matters.
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    You guys have excellent eye vision...that chart is blurry to me...can't see what's in the boxes...numbers or symbols or what ?

  6. Robert Morse

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    I went to youtube and watched some videos. I could not see it either.
  7. tommo


    Yup there’s a lot of nuance to it. But a lot of edge there too
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  9. qlai


    3 days seems too far away for orderflow. A high pivot will be watched no matter how it was formed (single contract transacted).
    Isn't Jigsaw providing every possible permutation of these things?
  10. tommo


    Jigsaw only has data for today I believe.

    I think seeing how volume acts around a pivot high is very important. It’s far more important than just a mark on a chart.
    Did the buyers really try and push in through. Was it rejected quickly. Was it a passive seller absorbing. Was it a lot of two way trade with stops likely to be large above it.
    All that is where you get an edge. Just a bar chart won’t tell you that.
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