Football: The greatest n.9... ouppss sorry I mean soccer :D

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  2. I know what I will write is the first time I had an impression that something was wrong. And knows about it thanks too All of you again. I must say that I start to wonder if I wasn't right all along. Let me say : how was it possible that France beats Brazil for the world cup in 1998. I know that some of the French players were among the best of their generation : Zidane, Henri... I know that. However against them was the greatest soccer player of the world. BUT and strangly enough and I quote :

    What did the French feed him ? Does it has any implication on the fact that his health when baddly since this time ? Are all his problems linked to a chemical/bio substance used against him ? I must say that the impact must have been greater on such a perfectly trained body. Furthermore the same president of France at this time was Nuking is own citizens in the Pacific Islands... so I will not rules anything from such people.

    I hope that science and the Brazilian people will be able to shed the light on what happened to him... Because I serioulsy doubt this victory...
  3. Ola ! No Brazilian on this forum ?

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    ROTFL... It doesn't matter if Ronaldo was sick or not against France in 98 as the ball was never reaching him anyway.

    It is a great player but there is a reason why Brazil hates to play France, especially in important games...