Football seats - Upper or Lower deck

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    I have 2 great options to buy seasons tickets..

    Both seats are around the 20 yard line...

    One is in the upper deck, FIRST ROW. Which has super appeal with the extra leg room and no idiots in front...

    Other is lower bowl, aisle seat, 17 rows from the field.

    Prices are pretty much the same..

    Any preferences?

    Really struggling with this decision...
  2. I like the idea of a possible better full field view from the upper deck as well as the leg room and no one in front.
    Enjoy whatever the choice! I'm at about 10,000 on the Packers waiting list. I started in the 8000's about 24-25 years ago. Then dropped to 23,000, which was followed by a pop to 19,000, and now in the 10,000 range. I have yet to understand their system. They have added quite a few seats and yet I am further down than when I started. Maybe the kids will have the option in another 20 years, but they probably will have to take out a mortgage by then to have season tickets.
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  3. LacesOut


    I bought the lower bowl 17th row 20 yard line..
    first time buying Seasons...
    Won't be the worst investment I make all year...
    Limited loss :)!!!!
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    Depends on the stadium and/or sport being played in the stadium...the ones that are multi sport stadiums.

    Most sports teams have a forum for fans and you can discuss issues like this among many other issues involving the team, players and stadium...the forum may be by the club or a fanatic fan.

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    A shit bag like you can only afford season tickets to a couple of teams(Bills/Jags)and both those teams are dirt so save your dough and buy a treadmill and a new TV.
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    It’s called buying low selling high.
    And get the two games I plan to attend free.

    This is a trading website - read the archives and you’ll learn.
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    I would have gone with these as well. Enjoy Buddy!!
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