Football As Religion

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    I was explaining to my agnostic neighbor that one should "root" for Christianity just as they would for their hometown team.

    Here's the breakdown.

    1. Christians are like Notre Dame. Super-tough schedule. Tons of tradition and Heisman winners, National Championships and high academic standards. America's team.

    2. Islam is the University of Miami. In fact the Sunni's and Shia are like Miami, FSU and Florida rolled into one. All three are ranked each year, they've come out of nowhere the past 25 years and will put as many players in prison as in the NFL.

    3. Jews=Brigham Young. Solid well disciplined team that wins against all odds. But do they really play anybody? Beating up on Hamas and Hezbollah is no more impressive than besting UNLV and Utah.

    4. Hindus are strictly Big Ten. During the regular season they put up some numbers. At bowl time they're 1-4. Other religions are kicking serious ass while these guys are stopping in the street to let cows pass.
  2. For God so loved the world he gave his only begotten Bear....

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    jesus Pabst, rooting for the all girl's interstate blueberry tart throwing and sock weaving championships would be more rewarding than christianity.
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    Yes Stu, I answer to that name......:D
  5. What about the real football, which you refer to as soccer? In Europe it's already a religion...
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    Calling soccer "real" football is like homo's claiming anal penetration a legit method of fornication....


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    hehe ok but remember, you won't be allowed to play football these days with that spiky headgear.
  8. Alabama is a second rate football program and has been for the last decade. Keep remembering the "good times" from last year...they won't happen again for another 10 years.
  9. :D Too funny

    Fight On!

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    I didn't know how to classify SC. Perhaps Shinto. Playing 3000 miles from the NY media they stay under the radar even as program #1. Japan like the Trojans beats everyone. Wealth, no crime, men living to 85 and still able to read a bondage mag on the train while groping a hot 22yo secretary. Nirvana.

    How I wish I'd gone to school at SC....
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