Foot Turd is back, and he is meaner than ever BUHAHHA

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    Gather round children, let me tell you a story of booms busts and flatlines.

    Being a guy who developed 3 working systems for futures and forex, I proclaim myself worthy of listening, no I don’t need you to proclaim me worthy, I just proclaimed myself.

    (at this point Don must be real happy he didn’t take this ego maniac for his prop, ehehehe its okay another prop did)

    Okay, ego aside, all one needs to do to make money is listen to the wind. Take gold for example, I never traded gold don’t even want to.

    But to trade gold I would download few years of DAILY data, forget the intraday and scalping, go for daily data.

    So what are properties of GLD, is there volatility, how often, what are average daily moves, are there gaps, how often are gaps occurring, what’s the leverage like, how long does it stay at technical overbought / oversold levels, does volume behave like in stocks, what’s the difference if not, does it react differently to major news, what are type of news specific to gold.

    There are more things to consider, now, are you really going to sit there and tell me that if you answer all these questions appropriately and objectively that you still can’t find a reasonably profitable strategy with GLD.

    This is why good portion of ET pushes my nerves, everyone wants quickies

    Well how about putting in the work for crying out loud.

    The next new guy who comes in and asks for help in trading I will go berserk.

    PS: I need a drink.

    drink of water that is, and hell I just might splash some on me as well:p
  2. Whats wrong with quickies?

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    Is this your idea of imparting knowledge? Good Bye, Fut Turd, I learned nothing from you!
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    you'd like edge spelled out

    good luck bud :p