Fools thinking Ahmadinejad didn't threaten to destroy Israel

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  1. Yes, you idiots constantly arguing that Ahmadinejad did not say what he meant and did not mean what he said, that the translation from Farsi was wrong and that he never threatened Israel.

    The Iranian opposition disagrees with you. And they speak perfect Farsi so they know exactly what Ahmadinejad said, meant and had in mind:

    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's calls to wipe Israel off the map and his systematic denial of the Holocaust are hurting Iran, news agencies reported an Iranian reformist spokesman saying Friday in Teheran.

    Abdullah Nasseri, spokesman for the Reformist Coalition Headquarters, called Ahmadinejad's declarations "totally unnecessary political adventurism." Nasseri said that Ahmadinejad's antagonistic and oft-repeated statements had "harmed the country."

    "The Holocaust is a historic event and we [reformists] do not deny it, but more important is that the issue has nothing to do with us," Nasseri continued.

    The spokesman said that Ahmadinejad's positions on Israel and the Holocaust had sparked international condemnation of Iran. He compared Iran's image in the world under its current regime to its image during the presidency of RHC founder Muhammad Khatami. "Under [Khatami], the name of Iran was raised in the UN for its peace-promoting initiative of dialogue," he said.
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    You've certainly convinced me.

    Unlike American politics, Iranian politicians would never distort an opponent's words
  3. Of course, what was I thinking? The Al-Jazeera translation, the official Iranian news agency's translation and now the words by the Iranian opposition leader all say that Ahmadinejad threatened to "wipe Israel off the map". The accuracy of these translations and quotes have ever been challenged by Ahmadinejad or the Iranian government despite the fact that they have caused huge controversies and outrage all over the world. But I am sure you and Juan Cole know better what Ahmadinejad meant.
  4. yea sure..the Jerusalem Post would never be biased about Iran.

    I suppose the Tehran Times is an objective source for analyzing Israeli foreign policy.
  5. Borat, they published a quote, not an analysis.
  6. So what's the deal with Islam?
  7. They published a translation of a speech delivered in Farsi. Most languages don't translate literally, therefore interpretation is necessary. Israel interpreted it in a way that many others haven't. The Israeli interpretation is a way to drum up support for more wars.
  8. Right Borat, the Iranian opposition leader did not say that Ahmadinejad's threats to Israel and his denial of the Holocaust are hurting Iran. JPost made it all up.

  9. So his denial of the holocaust warrants a war ?
  10. His denial of the holocaust and his threats to wipe Israel off the map warrant the assertion that people (like you) who constantly defend him, constantly claim that he does not deny the holocaust and does not threaten Israel are idiots.
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