Foolish Longs

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Have you ever been a foolish long (or short)?

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    I would like to mention a group of traders. These are the foolish longs. Let me explain what a foolish long (or short) is. This is the trader that is overextended and has held on without using a tight stop initially. (overextended and highly leveraged traders must use stops). Most retail /public traders are overextended and highly leveraged. He has already gone well past his 2 percent of portfolio stop guideline and is now looking at his summer vacation money, his kids college money and/or the next mortgage payment etc slipping away from him( or may have to tell the wife). He then sells his position and gets out just near the bottom. He has feared that he is in front of a freight train and the next move down will destroy him(or his wife will). Of course, he has been in front of a freight train all the time and because of the overextension, he has put himself in this position. He must get out. These foolish longs sell (humans are built the same, there are other foolish longs selling near the same time that he is), and when they sell, it creates the final downward thrust as the divergence traders eyeing the chart are preparing to buy in. Then the foolish longs watch the price retrace upwards as they watch their fresh short positions getting whacked and they hold on to those. And the cycle goes on and on.

    Note: Nowhere in this discussion do I mention anything to do with fundamentals.
  2. You need to rephrase this thread in "blanket" form :(
  3. WD40


    I always thought you were semi-incoherent.
    This just confirmed you are fully incoherent.
  4. yeah biggest yawn of the day.
  5. Buy1Sell2


    Fully coherent here and very well thought out.
  6. u had the balls to criticize mschey for his 'arrogance' when the guy can eat rice in your head and has much more sound advice to offer than u. then u post this crap and the other thread about what's superior and what's inferior' that makes u look like a freak and arrogant beyond belief.

    i have to give to u, at least u good at pattin' uself in the back.
  7. Buy1Sell2


    I don't see how observing this group of traders makes me arrogant at all. Of course, I am not arrogant, I just use common sense.
  8. your observation is nothin' short of statin' the obvious and another spin to promote your arbitrary kelly crap 2% stop rule. it's not the first post that is arrogant but the tons of replies u give to posters criticizing' u. i think i've seen it before...'my posts are very rich in value and represent decades of experience in the mkt...bla bla bla'.

  9. Is this an observation or an autobiography?
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    The info that I present is for other less experienced traders or newbies benefit. It is intended for helpfulness not braggadocio. If that makes me arrogant, I accept the appellation.
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