Food stamp registration / Supplemental Nutrition Assistance in the USA

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    For those seeking a perfect explanation of what is happening in United Banana States of America right now, then look no further...

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    Food stamps I see as necessary, but I wish there were more restrictions placed on them as to what is eligible to be purchased with them. And Tighter controls as to who is the recipient of the food.

    On two occasions while grocery shopping at Wal Mart I have seen things that bother me about food stamps.

    Recently a woman in front of me used them to purchase "several cartons of soft drinks, bags of chips, and other junk food". I understand that they are restricted from purchasing alcoholic products and cigarettes, but there should be additional restrictions.

    The other time a woman behind me saw that I was going to pay cash and asked if I would let her use her EBT (food stamp) card to buy my groceries and pay her the cash...she even offered a discount. I refused as I felt that would take food from her children.
  3. Handle123


    Food Stamp Program started in 1939-1943 area, that was an era where people really didn't want to be getting a handout and only took the help when they didn't have any options. They were only allowed to get the basics, meat, vegetables, flour, sugar, coffee, nothing processed. It was a great era, a man's word was truth, if he did wrong he would say it was HIS mistake and a handshake meant a promise that would not be broken.

    Now a days, hardly anyone will acknowledge they made a mistake, words spoken many are lies and a handskake means so little and guess what, the Food Stamp program gone wild.

    U.S.A. is always going to have so many freeloaders and it is going to get much worse, no body wants to work, just take take take. There are certainly cures for all of our problems, but we just don't have any leaders with balls, need another President like Truman. Simple cure for Food Stamp program is to only hand out non processed foods, costs would go way down, people would actually have to learn how to cook !!! Can you imagine?

    Another good solution, anyone getting any welfare, reduced/free housing, medical has to work for so many hours a week for the city, county, state collecting trash, day care, painting, shovling snow, preparing meals for the elderly & homeless. No workie No money, and be prepared to live in a cardboard box. Guess what America, you force people to work for their welfare makes people go back to school for better jobs, they will take bigger interest in who is leading America too.

    Now you can certainly attack my beliefs, you got that right, but you better well have a solution before you do, otherwise you are part of the problem. People can't seem to have solutions any more, has this country gotten so dumb, people ok with just going with the flow? Yep.
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  4. True, but in this age of lawyers, victimization, laziness, almost everyone claming to be physically or mentally disabled--I don't see much work getting done. This is especially true of those who have been on the dole for years--or even several generations.

    It would be worth a shot, but I can't imagine most of our spineless politicians enacting it. Joe Biden talks as if unemployment checks are the greatest thing since free welfare cheese and believes they have some bogus multiplier effect.
  5. to requote an old song

    "i asked my congressman and he said quote

    i'd love to help you man, and now you know which way to vote"

    it was said by someone along time ago, once the folk realized they could vote themselves money from other people, the republic is dooomed

    i really dont worry too much about folks collecting food stamps, its chump change compared to the banksters, military industrial complex, imf, un, aid to foreign countrys, etc.
  6. fs are a scam

    think everyone should be getting them

    wtf is this, only a few deadbeats , getting free $$

    I want some o' dat cheese

    see many on the checkout line that could and should be cleaning toilets, sweeping streets, and otherwise earning their handouts.

    should have hidden all my cash years ago so I could claim to be a poor impoverished soul. too late now

    all the freaking immigrants hide their money as a matter of course, so they're golden

    if you think that's harsh, ask me what I really think
  7. zdreg


    all military industrial production?
    all foreign aid?
    how about facts not your personal biases?
  8. Eddie Cochran- "Summertime Blues"...

    ..."I'd like to help ya son but you're too young to vote"....

    I'd like to change the voting laws...only land owners have the true right to vote, and that would be true justice.
    But it's not gonna happen.
  9. the1


    Good Grief! You actually need exact numbers on how much the Government spends on Military, Aid to Foreign Nations, and Aid to Collapsing Banks? It dwarfs the amount spent on food stamps!

  10. In the state of Colorado, there are restrictions as to how much and what is bought with food stamps...

    I think each state has different programs for mothers....the unemployed....etc...

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