Food Shortages?

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  1. Daxtrader


    Anyone experiencing any food shortages in their area? Seen a few articles mentioning it and wondering if this is a trend we need to worry about. Share what you see on the ground, at local grocery stores, etc.
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  2. VicBee


    The only shortages that I'm aware of tend to run out of a store in group to a waiting car outside...
  3. maxinger


    I think only North Korea is having this problem.

    Other countries are having a food wastage problem.
  4. only guys i know talking bout food shortage are cbot bean/corn longs who re now offside, hoping for a rally even though we re getting close to the seasonal harvest selloff...
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  6. Better get Jerome to fire up another 5 Trillion.
    Worst case we can eat the money.
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  7. zdreg


    It is not good to joke about a possible situation which will lead to starvation and revolution.

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  8. Nobert


    Would solve the toilet paper shortage as well.
  9. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL

    That was great.
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  10. Wasn’t joking
    The Fed is destroying our currency and future and nobody seems to care as long as the S&P hits a record high 3x a week
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