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    With the Egypt stockmarket down by a lot in the last couple of days:

    and the Egypt ETF following the stockmarket down:

    I thought it was worthwhile to spend some time looking at what countries' stockmarkets could underperform the US stockmarket.

    My basic idea is that emerging markets' stockmarkets will underperform the US stockmarket, because people in countries with lower incomes will be hurt more by rising food prices than those in the US.

    "The 25 Countries Whose Governments Could Get Crushed By Food Price Inflation"

    "Interactive Map Of Recent Food Riots And Price Hikes"

    Some geographic regions to consider:
    Africa (recent riots in Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia)
    Latin America: riots in Chile (ECH); also look at Brazil (EWZ), Peru (EPU)

    ETF country exposure tool:

    ETFs to consider shorting:



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  3. And yet we have great news.

    By the end of this year we will be 7 billion.

    Population growth is indeed and big problem.

    I dont think the world can properly feed the next billion mouths expected to show up in the next decades.
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    I agree. Human overpopulation is a big problem, but it's effects aren't really making headlines in the mainstream media as yet.

    Peak oil, food price increases, the list goes on
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    I note that today the EWZ (Brazil ETF) was down 1.50% despite the S&P 500 being up by a little.

    As such, the ILF (Latin America) ETF was also down by over 1.10%, with Brazil being 58% of the ETF.

    Components of the ILF etf include

    Brazil (ETF = EWZ)
    Mexico (ETF = EWW)
    Chile (ETF = ECH) and is looking quite weak. Understandable given food riots.
    Peru (ETF = EPU)

    I also note that ETFs containing Egypt exposure were weak today:

    According to

    these ETFs have Egypt exposure of <20%.

    For concentrated Egypt exposure, see EGPT.
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  8. China (and Egypt) need to turn the desert into a farm, desalinate the ocean. India needs to turn the Bay of Bengal into a fish farm or something. Grand plans that need renewable energy and capital, big time.

    IMO the technology is there, but capital is not invested toward what the world really needs. Too big, Too risky, too long term, too much money. Meanwhile, trillions of dollars are tossed around. Why invest in the future when you can make money on nonsense?