FOOD INC. What Government and Monopolies are doing to our Food???

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    I was discussed after learning how our food is made in factories and how the agricultural market works.

    As an economist myself.....someone needs to start working on how economics work in real more pretty books. I am sick of it!!!

    Check your food before you think about eating it.
  2. I remember just last week I had heard something called the codex alimentarius. I had never heard of it before, but apparently there is something going on right now where if a food has too much nutrients, the government says its not suitable for sale. One guy was telling me that this was some kind of attempt to destroy the small farmers and it would only leave big corporate farms to survive.

    I dont really know much about it. The guy just told me to verify it in codex alimentarius, but I didnt really care to much to go thru the whole site to decipher if this was true or not.
  3. Quantity over quality.

    So what if we have to eat 25x the amount of vegetable or fruits to get the same nutritional content of 50 years ago (and can't even get the same nutritional content at those levels) because the soil is so depleted (mineral content in soil is literally gone), and enjoy that tasty rBGH in your milk and dairy products (injected into cows to increase milk production, even though it causes infections and cancers in cattle, and passes directly into the milk), even though it's banned as a known carcinogen in Canada and Europe.

    Genetically modified seed, literally kept under lock and key by Monsanto?...tasty. Frankenseed. Once it's released, and cross-pollinates with naturally growing crops or plants, the sky is the limit.

    This is why they can breed seed bearing crops that are resistant to the nastiest pesticides and herbicides - the kind that actually has harmful effects on the human body.

    Most fruits and vegetables are bred to be easy to ship and large, the two criteria that are important when people buy based on appearance thousands of miles from where the crops are produced.

    Enjoy those factory-farm hogs, cows and chickens, too - the ones that wallow knee deep in their own feces in small pens, and cannibalize each other when the infected and sick die.

    Those chickens you buy in the store - the broilers with the huge sections of breast meat? They aren't the product of natural sex. They're artificially inseminated and initially grown in vitro. Chickens with freakish breasts can not naturally reproduce - it's literally physically impossible.

    When economics meets the food we put into our bodies, we seem to not care about the consequences, because the food is cheap and fast, just like modern society, even though it's making us sick.
  4. You have it right my friend.
  5. Chickens with freakish breasts can not naturally reproduce - it's literally physically impossible.

    1. Roosters don't grow huge breasts, hens do.
    2. I didn't know chickens employed the Missionary Position!!!!



  7. Right you are - hens.

    I'm using Chickens as a generic term, for both hens and roosters.

    My point is that males can't copulate because their breasts have become too large due to trait selection by chicken farmers, as their breasts get in the way of sex. No, not missionary style, but from behind, like most animals.

    So, the hens have to be artificially inseminated.

    Broiler chickens have huge breasts. They used to weight 3 1/2 pounds, and now the average is closer to 6 pounds.

    If I'm not mistaken, both hens and roosters are used as broiler chickens.

    Look under the section for 'Turkeys.' The same principles apply for Broiler Chickens.

    And by the way, and I'm not making this up - a good proportion of chicken feed is rendered shit from hogs and cattle. It's a cheap way to boost the protein content of chicken feed.

  8. The section on vitamins reminds me of an article I read in a magazine dating back over 10 years. The govt was trying to pass a bill banning the sale of vitamins. The author interviewed the head of one of the authorities leading the campaign (can't recall which organization). Among other supplements, he claimed to take 400 IU of vitamin E daily but claimed that it needed to be regulated (i.e. difficult to obtain) and provided no added benefit over natural sources. Although the latter is true, there is no way to ingest this much vitamin E each day, let alone all the otehr vitamins and minerals needed in your diet.

    I'll never forget that article. Over the years I've learned that the healthcare world does not profit from healthy people.
  9. Finally! The truth comes out! I would tell this to people all the time and they would look at me like I'm crazed. Anything to make a profit right?

    "A 1998 Food and Drug Administration report titled The Use of Recycled Animal Waste in Animal Feed states, "Animal wastes have been deliberately incorporated into animal diets for their nutrient properties" for 40 years as a "viable alternative to ... landfill." The World Health Organization estimates nearly 10 million metric tons of slaughterhouse sewerage are fed to livestock every year. (Europe followed WHO's recommendations and in 2001 outlawed the feeding of all slaughterhouse and animal waste to livestock.)

    In this country alone there are 14,000-plus companies that produce more than 308 billion pounds of animal chow annually. FDA-approved ingredients include "dried poultry waste, a processed animal waste product composed primarily of feces from commercial poultry" (also offered with part or all of the urine removed), and "dried poultry litter, a processed combination of feces from commercial poultry together with litter that was present in the floor production." Excrement accounts for about 60 percent of "litter"; the rest comprises bedding, dirt, feathers, and other debris scooped from the floors of broiler sheds. A Virginia Tech professor of animal and poultry sciences has estimated that up to four billion pounds of poultry litter are fed to beef cattle each year."
  10. Just for disclosure - I'm not a vegetarian nut. I eat meat and lots of it. But I'm disgusted with the food industry and the govt's involvement.
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