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  1. Form is emptiness; emptiness is form. Form is non other than emptiness as emptiness is non other than form.

    What is emptiness ?

    What is form ?

    Is an empty cup thoroughly empty?

    If so how could it be empty if it's full of emptiness?

    A cup can only be fully emptied when it emptyed of it own emptiness.
  2. Without emptiness, the reflection of a bird will still be stick onto a pond when a bird flies past it.
  3. My friend used to relate this story.

    Once he was walking with others in a park, doing morning exercise. In front of them was a huge tree, and a goose. As they walked towards that direction the goose flapped its wings and fly away. My friend asked, "Did you see that in front?" Someone replied, "Oh yes of course! The goose was just flying away."

    Now the question is, how come a person only notices the goose, and not the tree behind which is much bigger than the goose?

    Because the mind just flew away with the goose.
  4. It seems that you stepped into a bit of zen, and can't quite scrape it off your shoe.
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  6. Firewood becomes ash and does not become firewood again.

    An example of the falling dominos. If a series of dominos is placed standing up in line next to each other, and the first one is struck to make it fall down, this causes the second one to fall down, and the next, until the last in line falls down. The fall of the first domino is the cause of the fall of the last one, but there is not a shared identity between the first and the last domino.
  7. "emptiness is form"
    "full of emptiness? "
    What the heck is that??
    One real world example would be most enlightening.

    Emptiness is emptiness dude... a.k.a. nothingness - or are your MAD (mind altering drugs) making you an idiot?
  8. Jaguarbone;
    "emptiness is form"
    "full of emptiness? "
    What the heck is that??
    One real world example would be most enlightening." endquote.

    A post by Zzzzzz.

    If a 1000 tonnes of bullshit falls in a forest, and no-ones around to hear it-does it still stink?
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