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  1. i am just curious what people think.. our little group had total different opinions on those 2 questions.

    so if anybody could answer those to questions and why would be great

    A prospect wishs to invest some money overseas. The reference currency is EUR. He would like to achieve 4-5% p.a. Which Invest proposal (allocation of the assets) would you recommend him? What is it your reasoning?

    An existing client having an USD bond portfolio complained about the current low yields he can achieve, as the current interest rates are very low. What would you recommend him? and Why?
  2. Are you taking Summer classes at BC or BU? :confused:
  3. hehe

    no just a discussion

    any opinion on those 2 question

    would be great
  4. why don't you tell us about your little group. Since you have now asked the same question twice on two forums it is obvious you are not really looking for an answer. In the bad days I use to cold call people and tell them we were checking their water purity and would like to set an appointment. Then we would send a salesman out to sell them a water conditioner. I gave it up because I don'tlike being dishonest with people (not to mention the fact that I got fired for scheduling an appointment with an unemployed man.) at anyrate, either come clean or take your bullshit somewhere else.
  5. just put it in 2 forum to get a lot of answers

    u seem to take it really serious and get offended, 2 easy questions, if you cant answer it dont reply..
  6. you just set off my bullshit detector. post on the psycho forum if you want to do a study on human nature

    you never answered who your little "group" is