Food for Thought: WTC Was Designed to Withstand Direct Impact from a 707 (vid)

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  2. So what hit the South Tower? It was supposed to be a 767, but pics show a 737.
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    Media reports it as a 767.

    707's are almost identical in mass and size to 767's.
  4. You might want to check your facts. can provide you with more accurate information. The 767 is a good bit larger and heavier than the 707.
  5. Yeah right? Lets see the pictures with the proof.
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    exactly. you said it. A BIT. not much, just a good BIT.

    if a brick wall can withstand the impact of a modern day car, the chances are that if a suv hit it, it may crack, but wouldnt collapse into little bits.

    anyway, besides the structure of the towers, what i find really amazing is how those pilots, with so little training, and with their experience limited to light aircraft manage to fly those planes with such accuracy. did you note the angle those planes came in at?

    i guess most of us can drive a car. imagine your ability to drive a car a few months after passing your test, with your abilities now after a number of years experience. now, imagine you had just past your driving test and you only have limited experience driving small hatchback cars. how well do you think you would cope if you jumped into an 18-wheeler rig, and tried precision driving at high speeds?

    remember that my comparison here is VERY simplistic. flying a plane requires you to also monitor wind speed, height, etc. its a whole lot more complex than driving a massive truck i am sure.

    ALSO remember that these 'terrorists' who flew the planes - also were out the night before drinking heavily and smoking cannabis as claimed by the cia - as well as womanizing in strip joints (if you believe the cia) they sound like real dedicated muslims dont they! they also sound like they were in tip top condition - which you need to be to fly a plane of this size especially with no experience.

    i honestly think that people who cant see the massive gaps in the official explanations are thick. maybe i am wrong and its just a question of personality and upbringing:

    - those who have been brought up to be 'yes' people and believe everything they are told (ie intellectually lazy),
    - and those who think about issues at hand, and examine all the possibilities to make up their own minds.
  7. the boxes man, disappeared into thin air or disintegrated...or not decipherable.
    this was the first case in history where a black box hasn't be either recovered intact or da content released to da public when federal laws clearly state it should.
  8. And when the boxes were recovered (in the case of the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania for example), the content remained secret.
  9. but one of the hijacker's passports was unscathed.......LOL !!!!!!!!!
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    no. never!! this is impossible. remember - passports are made of plastic and paper, where as black boxes are made of the same stuff (STEEL) that MELTED in the inferno. everyone knows paper and plastic can easily withstand temps of 1000's of degrees without the slightest mark!

    we know this because the cia and bush say so - so it MUST be true!!!!

    id like to know who are the dumbest mutha fuckerz out there - the cia for thinking people would buy this shit - or the people who do buy this shit!
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