font smoothing using an LCD monitor...

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by brokershopping, May 20, 2003.

  1. I just got my first LCD monitor. (Dell 18") I was actually pretty disapointed at first and wished I had purchased another Trinitron, then I adjusted the font settings and got Cleartype going and I was pretty happy.

    The problem is not all programs are getting the fonts "smoothed", and the ones that don't are fairly annoying to look at. Is there a way to adjust the system to set all fonts to Cleartype? Or is there some other solution?

  2. If you are in XP, right click the desktop, click properties, select the appearance tab, click effects, and select ClearType as the method for smoothing screen fonts.

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    Dickie Greenleaf
  3. I have done that and also done the ClearType setup through the Microsoft web page. I also have my resolution set to the native size for my monitor, so I know it isn't that. In about half my programs, I feel like I am looking at an old dot-matrix printout. The ones that Cleartype "fixed" are great though.

    Any other ideas?

    Maybe I just have to live with it?
  4. Try changing the color bits up and down.