FOMC Tomorrow

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Spectra, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. Surdo


    So using the law of "Cyber Pinnochio statistics", I would calculate you have 31 paid subscribers.

    good trading!

    el surdo
    #11     Mar 20, 2007
  2. Keep guessing. Eventually you'll get it. I'd suspect we'd have 0 if it were up to you.

    CajunSniper / Administrator-Trader
    #12     Mar 20, 2007
  3. It's amazing how guys don't like Puretick muzzling in on ET. This is with full ET's consent. This is there business, not ours. I get more out of Cajin Sniper's posts than I do with the flak that tries to shoot him down. I do not understand this.

    He has my interest. I'm not going to do a trial just yet; I do not have time. And he doesn't make me angry. I just let him be with his posts. I don't get why people hide behind there personal anger by saying they are trying to protect people from being swindled. That is so transparent.
    #13     Mar 20, 2007