FOMC minutes:

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  1. "We got scared and cut rates. We are still scared and will cut rates some more. We don't care about inflation"
  2. Interpretation to trader: Sell the rally while the DOW is green.
  3. They stopped me out near the top.... gotta love the market. Unemployment forecast higher then expected, rates will only be low "for a short time", Credit Markets and bond insures in dire straits, worse housing in 25 years... and I get mutherfucking stopped out at the highs.

    Oh well.
  4. from - breaking news "Fed Cut Its Growth Forecast for 2008 to Between 1.3%-2%. Cites Deepening Housing Contraction, Tight Credit"

    before in november they cut their forecast to 1.8 - 2.5% growth in 2008 ... things arn't getting better
  5. and it looks like they want to break the highs... Looks like we'll be making new all time highs in no time.
  6. market tops are pretty volatile, hard to stay in those shorts as it whips, it happened to me earlier too !@#$#@
  7. I don't know how much more upside juice can be milked out. 180 from morning was completed. Tempted to fade the close but may just watch from the sideline.

    13,350 and 1350 were targets and they were hit.
  8. Yeah... some asshole broke that head and shoulders pattern... now all the quants are confused causing what should have been an obvious selloff to stall.

    If these idiots have a chance to make new highs they will... It would mean a great payday for them.

    But hey I ain't complaining... either play the game or get played.
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