fomc minutes at 2pm

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    im sure this will be great!!! they will use the minutes to lift the markets today..

    Oct 11 2:00 PM FOMC Minutes Sep 20
  2. Then let's get long ahead of it :>)
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    pushed it down now getting it back into the green.
  4. short ER 750.00 = trailed stop 748.00 (low 746.00) and holding for +5pts or better from here.

    If they ramp and take out resistance near daily pivot, will flip long for upside ride into close.
  5. ER short 750.00 = trailed out at 744.00 and done for the day. Spank you very much for the ride, FOMC Minutes :>)

    To think a history book like this can move the markets better than FOMC event itself did. As if anything released in that drivel was news worthy of knee-jerking the indexes.

    Yeah, stock markets are too efficient, logical and orderly for consistent trading success. Right
  6. Nothing real time about that post.
  7. <b>der</b>, there wasn't meant to be
  8. So you admit it was just shameless self promotion?
  9. <b>der</b>, you jabbed me needlessly in another thread a couple of weeks ago when I offered some helpful advice to the OP.

    So, I took a few minutes and browsed back thru your history of posts in here. You've been active since 11/05, correct? In that time, all I see of your input is a bunch of sarcastic one-liner jabs that aren't even witty.

    <b>der</b>, if you ever posted a single thought designed to help someone better themselves as a trader in this forum, it died of freakin' loneliness. Why are you even here?


    For your sake, my next post to follow will show exactly why that trade should have been taken by you or anyone else. I assume you shorted ER at 750 or ES at 1360.25 for the exact same reasons, correct?
  10. for once in a while i have to agree with commissario here.
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