FOMC Minutes at 2pm will cause the market to...

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FOMC Minutes at 2pm will cause the market to...

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  1. Crash!

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  2. Rally!

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  1. rally or crash?
  2. mauzj


    Let's have a good crash
  3. perhaps a 100 swing either way
  4. Or one way and then another? Has happened and might again. :D
  5. But where will it finally close...?

  6. Whatever it is, I am cutting my positions to just 25% of max size.
  7. S2007S


    14042 by 3pm....

    rally time after the 2pm minutes.
  8. Or as my grandmother would say:

    "Hev a Nice Crash"
    "Would you like a nice danish?"
  9. When Ben speaks, people ignore. He is a joke.

    let me just sum up what he will going to say: The economy is doing great. Inflation is under control; housing market is doing great; There is no energy crisis. The rate will stay put.
  10. Wallet


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