FOMC Minutes 4-8-09: 'Economy Sucks Big One, Thanks for the 1+ Trillion, Mr Taxpayer'

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  1. Bernanke & Co. have abandoned any pretense of eloquence and have adopted use of 'street slang.'{2047179C-CC83-4ABE-9B88-9265A1CB25E7}

    Worsening economy forced FOMC's hand: minutes
    By Rex Nutting
    Last update: 2:02 p.m. EDT April 8, 2009

    WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) - A significantly worsening economic outlook forced the Federal Reserve's hand in mid-March, leading the Federal Open Market Committee to commit to buy up to $1.25 trillion in long-term assets to goose the economy and prevent a slide into deflation, according to minutes of the March 17-18 meeting released Wednesday. The summary of the meeting indicates little debate among the FOMC members on the question of buying longer-term Treasurys, with the major disagreement coming over how much to buy. All members of the committee agreed that "substantial additional purchases of longer-term assets ... would be appropriate," the minutes said.
  2. Rally on market, rally on
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    The economy gets "goosed" but the taxpayers get #@&^ed up the @$$.
  4. 'Goose' is not to be found in the actual FOMC minutes released by the Fed. The word used was the reporter's, not the committee's... With a punchy name like Rex Nutting (honestly, this sounds like a name for a pornstar, not a financial reporter), I suppose, 'goose' comes all natural-like.
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  8. Knew it. Bearish article + homoerotic title = BuyLow / S2007
  9. Piss off, and put your head back where it belongs.

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