FOMC minute selloff?

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  1. For no reason?
  2. I've been struggling with this question all day as many of my compatriots are selling like crazy. i believe a few things (1) These minutes come from a moment in time when the doo doo was really hitting the fan, thus I do not expect any tough talk today about no more rate cuts. The Fed will send their minions out later this week or next. So In that sense I think we blast off after the minutes.

    (2) Watch the leaders AAPL & GOOG today as they hit resistance at the top of their long term UP channels, of course they continue to hit all time highs but keep an eye on them for clues as to any bigger theme market reversals. As per my earlier threads on market timing this Friday has been our exit day for this bull move for the past month plus so now that it is three days away our antennas must be up for the market is close to being down. ~ stoney (positions still ON!)
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    sell off??

    who are you kidding, I think no matter what the statement is it will be taken as positive for the markets. 7 Minutes and counting.
  4. How Funny the one guy Ben can't control Poole is trying to beat the announcement HIGHLY irregular if you are a FEd watcher. Wonder what this means...

    Fed's Poole - Jobs data does not suggest the downside risks economists see are materializing,says financial markets 'appear to be stabilizing',jobs figures suggest 'downside risks' not occurring....

    I think he's trying to throw cold water on the EXPLOSION we were supposed to see today.
    ~ stoney
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    boring...nothing interesting.

    only thing said that was interesting was a possibility of no rate cut in oct.
  6. there will be no selloff

    this market doesn;t selloff

    or if it somehow does it rebounds
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    all indices trading at or near highs...

    nothing brings this market down. NOTHING.
  8. You guys actually read that? I hope its for a longer term move and not intra-day. By the time you get done reading all that the move is well over. :)
  9. I mean a previous selloff.
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