FOMC is important for trading?

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  1. Well, today i watched many people in panic in intraday, because fed meeting, you must understand news don’t care, the market has its own movement, so we have the up and down intraday, today we fall, and them we recover to highs.

    We had a calm day, no stress, just keeping the long, and for you knowledge we keep it for tomorrow.

    Good trades, and don’t die with trading stress, keep health, you must have time to spend the profit.

    So its another good day for us, and some more pips in bag.

  2. Who is "US" you've got a mouse in your pocket? OR do you run a bucket shop...I mean forex firm?
  3. Hi all

    First off all thanks to all the email and messages i receive of happy people, that have followed my trades.

    This month was a great month, especially if we consider the August, a hard month to
    trade. However I manage to get 700 Pips in Pound and 200 pips in Euro. He continue trading without stress, only 1 or 2 trades a day, and normally we enter in the previous day, and take the day off the market’s, collective at night the profit. Most systems gives you 4, 5, 10 trades a day, with those kind of system we need to stay all day in front of the pc, I only trade 1 or 2 times max a day, and most of times only 1.

    Has this post was written in late 1st September, we would like to point the excellent beginning of the month with a 150 pips trade in Pound and 95 in euro, payrolls is noice the day.

    A good beginning, so don’t´ forget, follow the trades at , no stress, and not hundreds of trades a week.

    I also received some people complains about the babel fish translation, so if you want to receive a mail with the English version of the blog, please send a mail to and I will send it to you as soon the site is updated.

    Good trades all.

  4. Hi

    Some weeks ago i wrote a post untitled “My Testimonial”, in that post a talked about a blog called, , it was my first post about that blog, and i made it because i was happy to finally found someone who give me, and all the readers, great advices, in entries, exits, and targets for the currency market, as well some stock markets.

    I understand some posts of people laughing at me, for the post, because we see hundreds of “experts” out there, but this second post is to confirm the true of the first one, and to emphasize the blogs importance in my trades.

    Just some numbers, the blog made in August, a hard month to trade, 695 pips in Gbp, and about 205 in euro. In September, after 5 days of trade, he already made 400 pips in gbp, and 170 in Euro.

    Since i started to follow his trades after summer vacations, i already multiply by 3 my account, and only in 4 weeks. Before that always consistence winnings all months

    So once again, this blog its not mine, and you don’t have to pay for it, just want to help other forex traders, that are loosing Money in the learning process, take a look at the blog, you dont loose nothing, and compare with your own trades, I’m sure you will not give your time as lost.

    The blog is free, no need to register, and no need to pay, he his written in Portuguese, but you can translate with the babelfish button in the blog, also the guy has a mailing list, just send email and ask to receive the English version of the trades, and you will receive around 23.00 gmt as soon the blog is updated, the mail with the correct translation to English.

    Hope this post help other people… Share what you receive….

    Good trades to all.
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    Thanks you for the link, i already follow the blog since your fist post, its great, already multiply my account by 3.