FOMC announcement at 12:30

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  1. Bernanke& co are just a bunch of aholes, why do they need 3 announcements (the "announcement", the forecast, the conference) ? Me thinks they want to keep their option open to support and sweet talk the market after the "announcement".
    If they do QE which I doubt they will or some other measure, will they announce it at 12.30 or only during the press conference at 2:15 ?
  2. Usually at 2:15
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    Why is that such a problem for you?
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  5. Is that why the S&P went crazy at 12:30 EST?
  6. Are you f*cking serious?? Do you NOT check the econ calendar every morning before trading?

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    Tsing Tao

  8. Not usually.

    I'm holding stuff longer term now anyway so I don't really care about daily craziness. Plus I can't predict price anyway so even if I know a big announcement is coming up I don't know if it's going to make price go up or down.

    If I was trading intraday I would probably not trade around the time of big announcements.

    But since I've been holding a long SPY position for over a month now, it's not really applicable.
  9. I dont trade around big announcements either but I need to know when they are so I'm not in a position.