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    which do you focus more on entry points or exit points???
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    The bulk of what you read, of course, focuses on exit points over entry. But a few months back I think it was dottom who made a very spirited defense of entry points. In any case, as far as your trading is concerned, what's important is what you focus on, and does your system and the execution of it have a positive expectancy. All the rest is just noise....
  3. I focus on:

    1. can I get out quickly and cheaply if I'm wrong.
    2. where I might get out of it goes my way or partially my way.
    3. when to get in.

    Usually, I form a rough idea of each as I see the setup potential. Then as the setup forms I'll fine-tune. Of course, I'm a swing or intra-day trend trader, not a scalper, so I have a minute of two, often more, to go through the loop.