FOCUS & Emini's

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  1. Here is where I am at in my emini trading...I made $600 in my first NQ trade, took all but 3 trade long range there must be a FOCUSED strategy:
    FOCUS and EMINI Trading:
    Trading Rules:
    *focus on one market (YM,ES etc.)
    *focus on one time frame (trade the moring hour or afternoon etc.)
    *focus on one indicator or non inidcator method (TA, price action, MACD, CCI etc.)
    *focus on one chart period (1,5,10 etc.)
    *Goals...know how many points you want per day and then leverage towards what you want $$ per day...REMEMBER..."goals bring gold"...go for it!!!...these are my opinions

    NOTE: Everyone of my questions have been serious...not trying to waste anyones time...very serious about emini trading and futures trading in general..."Questions bring Answers"...thanks to all the great people who have given great answers!!!